Winter 2010 changing times – Creativity and Gratitude Abound

This winter is housing a brilliant creative who is experiencing and learning about rural life with a sense of adventure and an intuitive intelligent curiosity brilliant minds are wired for.

The shifting socio-political-economic-environmental landscape ups the anti. As a socially conscious creative and organic farmer I now am seeing more of life at Wild Rose Farm  as a revolutionary act, a declaration of personal rights and independence.  There is no ‘land-based’ video surveillance  (I cannot speak to satellite activity); noise and light pollution are still limited, leaving privacy, freedom, access (during season) to sustenance and boundless communing with nature, the currency of the Wild Rose Farm. The increasingly tenuous connection between human and nature, freedom of space, movement and expression, access to food and water, support of the human need to create, translate, integrate, and grow, is nurtured and supported here.

We are grateful for all our visitors human and animal alike, as we dance this experience together, gathering  to collectively strengthen and inspire us on this amazing journey.

I feel blessed and look forward to what and who unfolds from the heart of this place. This coming year has already mapped itself forward as very exciting with requests from filmmakers, wwoofers, and other creative and social refugees on their personal yet so global journeys.

Be a part of an expanding conscious awakening to new ways of stating one’s truth, whether through putting yours hands on the Earth, singing out loud to no one in particular,  or dancing en mass in the streets of your village, there is change, it is happening, we are all it, where ever we are.

This is an invitation to dialogue…with the heart of our Earth home…remembering we are all made of star dust!