There is music in the air!

The last two weeks have been filled with sound. The spring peepers were so loud last week that a late night visitor,  a service man to repair our furnace, thought the sound was a strange kind of car alarm. Needless to say, this is an example of how our disconnect from nature has us not knowing our world, namely amphibian mating calls!

On April 29, International Dance Day, the Dance Ontario Youth Board, that we support and sponsor, had their 3rd incredibly  successful annual dance event at Pearson International Airport. Numerous dance groups from southern Ontario performed to multitudes of surprised and delighted travelers. Check out Dance Ontario’s web site for pics and details.

As the days are getting longer and warmer, the land is being tended and gardens planted by a parade of Wwoofers ( Willing Workers on Organic Farms). In the last two weeks, two Germans and an Aussie have been learning about Canadian country life and organic farming. Visitors from the New Farm in Creemore have graced our table this week sharing good food, and live music.

Speaking of music, this past weekend the creative intensity of three Toronto musicians poured from the studio as the group played for hours, surrounded by nature and the freedom that making music in the middle of nowhere offers.

Once again it is a thrill and a privilege to have such engaging, dynamic and creative guests here, sharing and participating, each in their own life affirming path. This is our news from Wild Rose Farm! If you are a Wwoofer or artist,  come and join the journey, possibilities abound as the peepers peep, the woodstove crackles and  there is music in the air!