Each place provides everything!

The gift of being in a nature setting is mirrored by feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Recent experiences in whole brain activity and a broadening of perception of the interconnection of all things has resulted in a marvelous shift to a harmonious vibration that escapes narrative description. What has resulted is a deepening inspiration to dance within the visual symphony of where ever I find myself. The growing movement of flash mobs and public declarations through creative bodied expressions of desire, hope, vision, change and presence are shaping a new  visceral way of humans communicating.

Given that without question the Earth sustains our life, our experiences of nature provide a substantial way to be connected to ourselves. Our embodied experience cannot be separated from life. This year International Dance Day on April 29, the words of Crystal Pite, international renowned Canadian choreographer were shared and worth repeating here as she invites us all ‘to be danced by experience’.

“On April 29th, we invite you to celebrate International Dance Day. You are dancers, all of you. Life moves you; life dances you. To dance is to investigate and celebrate the experience of being alive. Like life, a dance creates and destroys itself in every moment. Like love, it is beyond reason. Ephemeral as breath, concrete as bone, dance is made of you. You sculpt space. You write with your body in a wordless language that is deeply understood. You grace the space within and around you when you dance. Force, trajectory, inertia, and recovery: dancing is a ride, a duet between your instinct and imagination. To dance is to heighten your experience of the present moment. Your body is your location – when you dance, you are profoundly engaged in being there. To dance is to feel the resonance of your life, to delight in your existence. To be human is to be danced by experience, energy and emotion. On International Dance Day, let’s celebrate the life that moves us.”

May you be engaged in the dance of life every day!