May 27, 2013

This Summer we have no special events planned as creativity and contemplation are the themes for this season. Numerous artists will be following a creative self-directed path throughout the months ahead.

Stay tuned for what emerges from this unique incubation time.


Sunday April 26 2009
Wild Rose Farm Artist Retreat launches ‘Rosco for Rent’ A professional move-able dance floor for dance artists and groups.

‘Follow-the Floor’ to

International Dance Day Celebrations 2009 Sunday April 26
DUO sponsored event at Dundas Square
and note:
Dance Ontario Youth Board IDD Event at Pearson International Airport, April 2Weds. July 23 at 7 pm.

A Concert of Classical Music at Wild Rose Farm

Pianist Hartmut Schlums, currently a guest at Wild Rose Farm and Dirk Schlums , Violinist, a Mulmur resident, will be performing a concert Weds. July 23 at 7 pm. This short programme of 40 min. is free and all are welcome. Join us for music and good company.

The concert was an intimate and fabulous success and those in attendance described it as being “uplifting, invigorating, inspiring and calming all at the same time”…”a memorable evening” …

August 1st

Featured Artist at the Farm – Lynda Clare

The stunning works of painter Lynda Clare, inspired Stephen Lewis and his Foundation work, are on display as a wonderful reminder of the plight of the people of Africa struggling with the AIDS epidemic. Originals and prints are available for sale.

Tuesday, August 12 and Saturday, August 16


Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

A Powerful Transformational Tool

ONENESS BLESSING (Deeksha) offers a simple, effortless method of giving profound rest to the body and peace to the mind. It removes deep rooted stress, rejuvenating the whole system and promoting wellness in all areas of life.

Oneness Blessing involves a transfer of intelligent sacred energy, which brings about the flowering of the heart and facilitates moving into higher states of consciousness. It creates a neurobiological shift in the brain, silencing the ceaseless chatter of the mind, enabling us to simply experience reality as it is, in the present moment where there is only peace and joy in the Divine Presence.

The benefits of Oneness Blessing are unique to each individual. The process works to enhance your life in a way that best suits you. It can create awareness of and insight into what motivates you on a deeper level, allowing for profound transformation. Some people report experiences of blissfulness and expansion; others of calmness, silence, and inner peace; and others of awakening to a sense of oneness with all life. Some people don’t have any particular experiences at the time but find that their everyday lives improve over time. They feel clearer, calmer, and/or more able to cope.

Sessions include a short talk, Q &A, a meditation and one or more rounds of Oneness Blessing. Each session stands alone; effects are cumulative.

Location and Dates:

Tuesday, August 12 from 7-9 p.m.
($25 suggestedcontribution)
Saturday, August 16 from 1-4:30 p.m.
($35 suggested contribution)
More info about Oneness Blessing:
Call: (802) 353-8104